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Residence in México, Mexico
During an artist residency in Mexico City in the fall of 2014, I began to reflect on identity through a printmaking project entitledlaberinto, in reference to the essay by the famous writer Octavio Paz,Laberinto of the soledad(Labyrinth of Solitude), in which he argues that Mexican identity is dual, both indigenous and Spanish. To refuse either would lead to a state of loneliness.
The work is constructed by the superposition and repetition of digital matrices, all of which evoke an aspect of Mexican culture. They are made from photographs that I took on the spot, which represent for me singular elements in Mexico. 
In the continuity of my recent work, I sought to deploy the print in space by means of motifs that can be repeated and complement each other. Pre-Hispanic, colonial and popular references accumulate to create a palimpsest of signs, a visual labyrinth made up of traces and fragments of images in which the gaze is lost.
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