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Artist Statement

Through my practice, I seek to see how the image is constructed, both through a process and through the gaze that one projects on it. My work is rooted in the observation of fluid matter. It is by depositing the ink that the process begins : the image emerges from its movements and transformations, materializes in a multitude of forms.

I mainly use ink wash, for its unpredictability and for the variety of forms it produces. I am interested in the complexity that emerges from these ink fractals, in the evocative power that their visual duality makes possible. They evoke both organic and geographical elements, both in their appearance and in their structure. Movements and the phenomena that generate them refer to how fluid matter organizes itself, on both a microscopic and macroscopic scale.

I seek to present the image in its state of appearance, the image in the making, which is revealed by its manufacturing process. It is formed in matter, in time as well as in the projected gaze: because beyond its figural aspect, the image is thought of as a place of projection. How does it emerge in the viewer's gaze?

The oscillation is constant between matter and what it represents. I seek to create between-places: spaces that take shape in the gap between what is there and what is perceived, projective spaces whose scale is indefinite for us. Here and elsewhere are inseparable.




Caroline Gagnon was born in Montreal where she obtained her MFA at UQAM in 2011. Her work has been presented in several galleries and cultural centers across Canada. She has obtained several artist residencies, including the Québec-Mexico exchange supported by the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec. Stemming from the printing arts, her practice now takes on a multidisciplinary form where printed images, video projections and installations are brought together.

Curriculum Vitae

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